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Muffin Saga - The Forbidden Flavour

"Me and and Ukeko wandered a long way in the forest, I gasped for air after the panic run from these mysterious things.. some shouted eat the muffin, some... had circles"

It all started when Nade gave the muffin to Uke, jokingly said that he should take a bite of the most extreme delicious blueberry muffin ever created.

Though Uke didn't like blueberry muffin, as he prefered strawberry muffins, he mumbled to Nade and asked if this is safe to eat.

- 'Ofcourse, it is!' said Nade with a big smile on his face.

- 'I assume you haven't tasted the new Blueberry muffin that me and Ukeko created?' - Nade said with a mysterious voice

- 'N-no, why would I bother with asking that?' - Uke asked with an uncomfortable tone.

- 'You see, this kind of flavour was very hard to find and create, it took alot of effort and time to make this' - Nade with slight serious tone
- 'I would prefer that you taste it and give an opinion, I really want to share this to other members, but Sir haven't really been so active and had any open doors lately for me' - Nade

- 'Sir is always busy, you know that. No way I could just storm in and say "HEEY YOU GOTTA TRY THIS BLUEBERRY MUFFIN!' - Uke jokingly and with a whimsy tone towards Nade

- 'Haha yea, nah that wouldn't work.. Anyways, about muffins.. Have you heard about the Muffin man? It seems to be a very mysterious person..' - Nade

- 'Muffin man..? You're not trying to make another joke now, Nade?' - Uke with a bothered tone

- 'No for real, it's regarding the staff members of Toribashia. Some of the members be real weird when it comes to keeping secrets' - Nade

- 'What do you mean about this..? - Uke confused

- 'When me and Ukeko was looking for a new taste or flavour, we found this old book. It's called the "The Forbidden Flavour" - Nade looking with serious eyes towards Uke

- 'First of, why are you with my sister, are you trying to hit her up or what..? - Uke with serious tone

- 'Naah, she isn't my type anyway, but listen about this more important stuff Uke! We got chased by this.. creature, this weird form of a creation which I never have seen before!" - Nade

- 'I'm not quite sure if it actually was a staff member with another type of costume, as we found this book just laying in the dust in the old library, we thought we would take a look'

- 'This.. creature as I would prefer to say, was wandering around with weird ball-joints on the body and an old lantern, mumbling and repeating the same line, "Never taste the flavour or you shall unremain... perish for good"

- 'Never taste the flavour, you shall unremain.. or you shall perish? What kind of.. person or creature was this? What kind of library was this, as I have never heard about this place before'. Can you start over with this story, Nade? - Uke with concerned face

- 'We were wandering around in the forest and found this small entrance into a cave, I thought it was safe, as there was small rocks and shovels laying around. So we entered and started to explore the cave..' - Nade

- 'As we got deeper down into the cave, we found a door of some kind, a stone door which was slightly opened. - Nade with this adventure voice

- 'For gracious god, please say you both didn't entered through the...' - Uke very concerned
- 'Ofcourse we did, Uke! It was such a thrilling feeling! We had to open the door, wouldn't you!?' - Nade with a big exciting smile

*Uke sighs* - Keep on going..' - Uke mumbling

- 'When we opened the door, it was a big hall, full of books! A big library which probably haven't been used for many years! - Nade
- 'Before we wandered down, We looked around first but didn't see any people, so we took a gamble to wander down, as this door was high up and the library was far down'
- When we came to the bottom of the library, we started to wander around for a while, nothing special too see, old candles, chairs and tables with full of dust.

*Uke starting to lean in towards Nade*

- 'But then.. SUDDENLY, a book fell down onto the floor with a heavy force which eccoed through the big halls.
- 'We both got shocked, but nothing happend so we went towards this book, "The Forbidden Flavour".
- 'As curious as we were, we opened up the safety lock and started to read the first page, which said "I suggest you don't read this book, it contains a curse that is hard to cure, bluebash was never the option"

- 'And I assume you both.. Didn't ignore the warning text and actually closed the book..? - Uke bothered
- 'Ofcourse we didn't care about that warning text, heck it was super exciting, Uke!! - Nade with a big smile

*Uke flabbergasted what was about to happen in the story, took of the sweat from this forehead*

- 'We started to read this book, a new flavour which an old man once created, a type of flavour which was so hard to control and master, he called it a curse' - Nade
- 'So both me and Ukeko thought it was a great idea to take this book back to learn more, but when we was starting to walk back.. We saw this.. crea-' - Nade

- 'Please say you guys didn't make any wierd moves to get detected by it.. - Uke concerned

- 'Heh, that's where it got more problematic.. As this creature was mumbling, I got stunned and accidently dropped the book.. And this creature saw us through the lantern that shined towards us as the creatue turned side-ways. Wait, how did you know about what I was about to sa..- - Nade- Just keep on going with the story, Nade! - Uke

- 'Oh, alright.. We got so nervous so I said with a slight high voice towards Ukeko to run back, while I was picking up the book.
- 'This creature saw the book was getting picked up and locked focus on it, starting to shout "Return the book!"
- 'We ran the fastest possible way towards the exit, and this creature was following us.. - Nade

- 'Did you guys manage to survive from this creature??!' - Uke very sweaty and concerned

- 'Duuh, well ofcourse, otherwise I wouldn't be standing here telling the story you numbnut..!' - Nade with a silly face
- 'Anyways, we manage to run away from this creature, but it sure did know the way through the caves'.

- 'But at the exit, we closed of the exit so no-one could exit or enter it.. So we thought...'- Nade
- 'This creature managed to blow away the rocks, or punch, we didn't have time to see what was happening as rocks were flying all over the place..' - Nade
- 'When this creature flew out from the cave entrance after all the rocks were done flying, we had just so slightly luck to find some bushes that we covered ourselves in.'

*A pause occured*

- 'What happend next, Nade? You know you gotta pay for this if Ukeko got hurt!' - Uke

- 'No no, luckily nothing happend to us, we escaped unharmed, but this... Creature... Never seen on before..' - Nade

- 'How did it look like?' - Uke curious

- 'It got.. It got circles.. Like balls or joints connected to the body, every limb, every connection on the body itself, which created this movement on this.. creature..' - Nade slightly traumitised

- 'Did this creature have any different movement, or did it look, human?' - Uke

- 'It looked, rectangular with circles..' - Nade

- 'Rectangular and circles..?! I didn't really get the idea before, but now.. Are you 100% sure it was rectangular?!' - Uke nervously starting to stand up

- 'Y-Yes, what's the problem, or why are you reacting like this now, Uke?' - Nade nervous

- 'Did you guys leave this, Forbidden Flavour book in the forest or do you still have it?' - Uke starring with intense eyes at Nade

- 'W-We still have it my kitchen, as Ukeko didn't want it.' - Nade

*Slight pause*

- 'Oh holy hell, this isn't good Nade, you got to show me the book!' - Uke, as he was ready to start walking towards the door

- 'Wait, Uke! Why are you reacting like this now and not before? What is the problem with this creature??' - Nade

- 'This.. creature that you were talking about.. It's the god-damn Tori creature!!' - Uke
- 'Tori-creature? - Nade confused
- 'Haven't you heard the story about Tori? The one that attacks and destroy everything in its path if it's not satisfied with the things it got?!' - Uke

- 'I only thought it was old lullaby-stories, how do you know about this crea-.. Tori?' - Nade confused

- 'Because I was the one who created this book and turned this person, into a Tori.. We call them Toribashers..' - Uke mumbling

- 'So how is this "Forbidden Flavour" connected with this Toribasher? We freaking baked muffins with this flavour!' - Nade nervously stuttering

- 'Have you put in the final ingridient into the muffin, Nade..?' - Uke with a serious face

- 'I- I haven't done anything.. Or wait, Ukeko said she would do the final testing with this "BlueBash" ingridient..' - Nade
- 'Wait.. Is this what turns them into.. these.. Toribashers?' - Nade

- 'Nade, we really have to stop this before it's too late..' - Uke

Part 2??
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jag såg de där
Hur mycket droger pumpa du in i arslet före du fick till dedär?

10/10 story definitely read the entire thing
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Hur mycket droger pumpa du in i arslet före du fick till dedär?

10/10 story definitely read the entire thing

Äsch, var lite uttråkad när jag skulle sova, så jag började skriva denna berättelse haha
Necrobumping Elite Master - ps dont tell Fred
jag såg de där