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Sins of the Past

This is a customisation guide for my recently forged Sins of the Past-head item. It has a total of 5 distinct levels, all of which use a unique texture. If you've made your own (or just modified the defaults!), please post in-game screenshots below <3

Texturing Guidelines
Head Texture Alignment

For incorporating the horns into the head texture.

Lv. 1 - Lv. 3

Lv. 4

Lv. 5

Texture Mapping

Lv. 1 - Lv. 2 use unique texture layouts to account for asymmetry, while Lv. 3 - Lv. 5 share the same texture for both horns. This means that apart from the first two levels, it is not possible to texture each horn separately.

  • Lv. 1 horns position the left horn at the top, the right horn at the bottom, and place the end caps in the middle, where the left half maps to the left horn, and the right half maps to the right horn.
    Lv. 1 Mapping

  • Lv. 2 uses the bottom half of the texture for the right horn, in the same was as full horns do, while the left broken horn starts at the top of the top half and progresses downwards. The end cap of the stump is again mapped separately to avoid distortions, and is located in between the two elements.
    Lv. 2 Mapping

  • The full horns use basic basic and intuitive mapping, where the bottom of the texture is the root, the top of the texture is the tip, and left / right matches what you see when facing the head. I chose to inflate the bottom middle of Lv. 4 to give more texture density to the harsh curve, which wasn't necessary on the other textures. This means that straight horizontal lines should follow the horn growth patterns of the default textures, while vertical lines are unaffected. I apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

Texture Resolution

While the maximum custom texture resolution caps out at 256x512, I recommend using the defaults: 128x128 (Lv. 1), 128x256 (Lv. 2), 128x128 (Lv. 3), 128x256 (Lv. 4), 256x512 (Lv. 5).

Downloadable Textures
Sins of the Past

Variant Colour: Demon (#333333)
Variant Description: The default textures.
Download Link: Sins of the Past (Lv1 - Lv5).zip

Gnawing Marrow

Variant Colour: Ivory (#EEDFCC)
Variant Description: A more natural look.
Download Link: Gnawing Marrow (Lv1 - Lv 5).zip


Variant Colours: Demon (#333333), Mysterio (#CD2626)
Variant Description: Infernal visage, coming apart at the seams. Suggested by Egoist.
Download Link: Brimstone (Lv5).zip

False Idol

Variant Colour: Gold (#FFFF4C)
Variant Description: Provocative display of excessive opulence. Suggested by King.
Download Link: False Idol (Lv5).zip

Note: If you still have any questions or issues, don't hesitate to let me know!

To celebrate the release of this item, at the time this post goes live, there is a sale on all Demon- and Mysterio-items, as well as a giveaway for the items listed below, which you can enter here.
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The after sale support on this item is wild! Thank you for the additional textures, Gnawing Marrow works great with my texture set.
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