Endurance Onslaught 3.0
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You have finally reached Legendhood. A very worthy Legend.
*Pulls more tail then a special needs child at the petting zoo*
Congratulations Bink i remember your first few replays to go viral and it's an honour to see you here.



I appreciate your words man but I honestly didn't contribute that much. It's embarrassing for me to think that I did as much as the current legends, appreciate it though <3
Parkour like you've never seen before:
yeah, congratz bink
I used to always talk to my friends how absurd it was that you wasnt legend yet, and you ultimately deserve the legend status man

also xlr: your name still echos in parkour community as far as im aware, I think you was one of the first big names to bring parkour to another level in replay making and your place in Legends List is debatable, in the slightest, in my opinion
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Congrats! That's one down, Xlr next or riot
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"Macks replays are racist" -Larfen
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Congrats! That's one down, Xlr next or riot

Or me for being amazing at doing nothing

Congrats Bink my dude!!!
well deserved man
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