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Basically, i've done absolutely nothing to lead you guys for a long time, so i think it's time that the torch was passed on. Pusga is my choice as your glorious new leader (clearly the most democratic of elections ever), and i have of course asked him if he'd be okay with that. Of course, if everyone wants an actual (sensible!) democratic election, i'm sure that'd be a possibility somehow.

I will of course still be a member, and, once i can, i'll pop up in IRC again. Believe it or not, my left arm is STILL a significant source of pain. >:C

[sad abdicating fanfare coupled with triumphant new leader fanfare]
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can we have pusga as leader and shook as supreme leader
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Pusga is pretty cool kinda I guess.
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Gratz pasgo

I look forward to your reign until you pass it onto the next most active replay guy in irc and forums

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Noooooo you were my favorite leader ever

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hooray people approve of both this and my previous leadership



I guess Larfen picked well, then. :v
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