ima ninja
1st - tricking (cheat 900-->raiz-->cork)

2nd - tricking (front flip-->raiz-->cork)
3rd - tricking (front flip-->raiz-->hyper cork-->cheat 900)

Sorry for no destruction of the uke, because I didn't much like it
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Imma do a quick review of people.

Hollow :
Opener doesn't blow me away, just a little slow and lackluster.The control of your tori is a bit sloppy. Around 390 after the intial kick, the way you
change your direction just doesn't flow smoothly enough. Look at 370, balance is disrupted. Chest is turned out of sync with the rest of your body.
The rest is quite nice, I like the way you throw uke up for a catch with the other hand. speed is much better and the destruction is plentiful.

wE LiVe iN a SoCiEty:
Opener is interesting, i like the engage dis. but even at the start, 482, your body posture is just not appealing to look at. The Dms are fine but your body movements are sloppy. Arm and leg twitching at 360-350

Mercenary At Work:
My favorite of the three. Opener isn't special but looks smooth atleast. Nice knee cap dms, decent transition, no breaks in flow or weird posture. The control of uke is fabulous too.
DM's are inventive and unexpected. If all 3 replays were to this quality I would guaranteed
say yes.

So overall: I think youre really good. Ive seen great stuff from you.
You're better than a lot of players in Ormo (Someone in particular comes to mind but
I can't say without getting kicked from Ormo lol) but you gotta be at your best

to get accepted, do you think this is the best you can do? I wanna see more from you,
for now its a no. sorry ma guy.
EvilTorifiedDefense tactics:

The pacing is very good. I like a fast looking spar with lots of action.
From first glance, I can see you suffer from the same issue I do. One of your tori will always look better than the other, you don't wanna go back to change something
great you've done with one, to fix the problems with the other.

I love the concept, tricker vs breakdancer. But your breakdancing skills need some work.
I could point out very specific mistakes but I got places to be, frame 1001, that kick was unnecessary and completely ruined the flow of breakdancer. That recovery wasn't smooth.
He twitches a lot after that I noticed. But the ending is so creative, Nice nut shot too.

Traxler Attacker V2:
Looks great, less mistakes, lots of cool tricks and kicks. As a whole, I think Eviltorified looks worse than Uke, not as fluid or interesting, some repeated actions too.
If you focus on both characters at once, its good. But focus on just you and it looks... less impressive.
Its a really nice replay ok and I
understand how long it takes to make one of these but... It feels like less of spar and more
of a "spin off". The only real attacks are at the end, feels a little hollow to me.

Fighting against the evil vengeance:
Actually my favourite :P
More consistent, really eye catching opener with that jump. AND it somehow,
didn't mess up the other tori. This one is clean. Last hit needs more power behind it
is my only complaint.

welp, this is a tough decision. I do believe you deserve a spot in Ormo. Your stuff is very
good and you put the time + effort in. I have a few complaints about your replays, as you can see, but based off the near perfection of the last one... it would be stupid to deny
someone with real talent for replay making. So thats a yes from me.


Its a no from me. I gotta go so I cant go into detail but we judge harshly. You have the basics down, but adapt upon what you know
by using your understanding of the joints. Make something that makes me say "wow." not "meh"
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Sup. I would like to join ORMO and it's the third time.
(nutmeg trip was made by me when my nickname was rnyitcpk)
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