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Mouse Problem
Yo, I honestly don't know on wich website ask this, and some of you guys already helped me out so yeah

I had this mouse that I bought to have a proper grip aswell as some custom shortcut on it

It's the Bluestork Kult#1

Everytime I plug her into the computer, the red dot under turn on, she start working for a short period of time (Something like 10 sec) then the cursor and the buttons stop working, but the red light is still on

I've been looking to find the causes but I just can't find it, and when I got the mouse, there were no drivers at all in the Mouse box

Anyway I'm kind of desesperate and I'm considering spending another 30' Euro on a mouse again
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It is a horrible no name product, when you buy a mouse look out for a good sensor if it is lised, not for looks. Maybe you did not install the drivers correctly. If it is broken and you still got warenty bring it back and buy something proper like the Reddragon M601 or Logitech G302 (15 and 30-35€ respectively)
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So far the mouse can hold around 20 min of perfect working, then start to just disconnect/connect 2/3 time in a row and stop working
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I really doubt that it is an issue with the drivers, the only mouse that I've seen needing drivers were the Razer ones, and even those are just for customisation purpose.
What's more likely is you just purchased a broken product.
What I highly suggest is getting a Redragon M601 as Mongius has mentioned. I have been using it as my main mouse for over 1 year now and honestly I can tell you it's an amazing mouse for its price. I've been using Razer Naga Hex before this one and I can tell you the performance is almost the same.