Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
gaaaah ill make the threads i told ya etc but laterrrr
lazy snake is lazy
tell me about aikido
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yeah the wushu scrapbook's a nice idea ! I'm not really a teacher kinda guy, but I might write a little thingy in it :]

And what about our Description in the "list clans" ? it's still empty !

a little "we get down, we get high" (I don't know why there was a "t" at high : s) would fit perfectly there ;-9
Let's discuss about new members.(dep , youre cool ;p)
Also , Do we guys need new members?
I cant live with the fact that we have 2 Members Who dont fit here.
fl0w is a kickass clan yes.
But .. New Members will ruin it thought.
Its Just my opinion.

Cheers guys.
<ego>holy fuck a bat is in my room
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I dont think you need invade tags xD

anyway, I think we should the way it always were, some open app thread, if a guy shows potential etc.. we test etc... =)

and what 2 members that dont fit? :O

EDIT:also, the idea of the wushu tips etc.. it freakin awsome xDD

I would like to help if possible =)
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so to add clan tag i go to toribash to set-up...then to login...and type in [fl0w] next to my name?

random text smile =)
right bava

and thanx- andrzej we wish you good luck also.
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fl0w, like, rain
no bava, you have to accept the invitation that one of the leader sends you ! then you automatically have your tag ingame :]