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Should there be an app for Toribash?
I had an idea, I was playing Toribash when someone asked do they need an app(lication) but I though application for iOS and android. I realized he means to join the clan I'm in but that got me thinking, is it possible that they could make toribash mobile. They do have minibus which is 2D, completely different. So I want to hear your guys' and girls' ideas' and suggestions', instead of going on vacation and realizing your hotel doesn't have a computer with Toribash (if where ever you go if they even have a computer) on it, you just whip out your phone and just game (defiantly need a lot of zoom for that) 'cause not everyone has a laptop with them, and I wouldn't download a game from the internet on someone else's computer. Maybe soon we can have this atlas on a tablet (which even less people have) so more people can play Toribash it also might be more comfortable to the player, just an I deal I feel like could go a long way.