Adventure Application

hey y'all i'm shaine, also feenicks12. i'm not good at freewriting so if stuff seems meh y'all have an fyi.


i live down in good ol' texas, and am currently in my last year in highschool, at which i plan
on moving into an IT related career. until i get into a steady job i'll probably keep working
part time at whatever grocery store is near me until then. i also really enjoy music, like a lot, mostly underground memphis rap, but i love plenty of other genres
too. i also love making it too. i use fl studio mostly, since i can't afford actual hardware and instruments.

my toribash career

i started toribash in 2014 and got all the way up to a brown before quitting out of boredom. i
ended up coming back last year and have been playing consistently ever since.
i main in mushu and aikido, although i'm trying my very best to learn to spar better,
although i'm not making much progress, but i'm almost there. i also plan on learning how to make
proper textures.

why am i applying?

i'm applying because your clan type is unique, and i know that i won't have to worry about being good
enough skill wise to be able to contribute. i'm also long due for a clan, and by the way adventure is
explained (with the whole community centered type thing) i can make some more friends and hopefully
learn from the best. also, from what i've seen and who i've spoken to, y'all seem real nice, and it's not often that a whole
clan is full of nice and respectful people.

pls lemme in i'll give motivational support n stuff