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(a) Adventure - Recruitment

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Adventure is currently recruiting.


Simply leave a free-form application below, and we'll put you up for discussion. Tell us about yourself and why you want to join. Think of this clan more like a community than your traditional clan - meaning that we don't care much for winning wars or getting to #1 on the clan leaderboard - we just want to have fun and be friendly.

Keep in mind that we may take up to a week to decide.

Good luck!
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My name is Nik. I am 14, and currently living in Texas (even though my flag shows Canada). I have been playing Toribash for a bit, started around 2011, took a break, started back up in 2015, then quit again. Now, I am trying to commit.
I usually am on this game everyday, unless something important turns up. Other than Toribash, I enjoy drawing, and creating music (Hardstyle, Hardcore, Trap, Future Bass, etc.)
I am quite the sensitive person when it comes to emotions. Sometimes I might shed some tears for an extremely stupid reason. I have become better at managing these emotions, but it is still something I need to work on.
My strengths in Toribash (or that's what I'd call them) are around aikido (abd), and boxshu mushu. I practiced in aikido & abd for some time now, but have now found a new interest in boxshu. Also trying out sparring!
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I'm Travis 18, formerly Razer73 and I currently reside in Akron Ohio. I've been inactive for a couple of years I reset my password yesterday and i'm ready to come home. I'd like to participate in wars in the future, as of now i'll only be active on the forums since I go to the library for internet. I believe the last clan I was in was concon's clan Sinon. I play abd, greykido, judo frac, boxshu. Besides Toribash I play csgo, and i just started with Dota 2.
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We aren't TLL and you aren't krong write an actual application
What swosh said. I'll give you a bit of merit for trying though.
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Hello, I'm poor, I live in france i'm 20 years old (on my 21), I've started toribash in 2012, I did many break and play session, Now I'm pretty active and playing tryhard style.
I don't got much thing to say but [a]Poor should be everytime strong vs life !
Merry Christmas Bruhs

Hello Adventure. My name is David, better known as Enclave in the community. I'm applying because it's Christmas, so why not?
  • I'm 21 years old and am currently a UPS Driver
  • I go to the University of South Carolina for Engineering Physics and Economics
  • Raised in the south, so some of my favorite things are Chick Fil A, Malibu Rum, and of course, sweet tea.
    *Please note I do not watch NASCAR
  • Started in 2011 and didn't do much except piss off Dargon.
  • I somehow quit this game until 2017 and became known for bet servers and hosting random mod tournaments.
  • I now enjoy collecting 3d items and helping out members in support when I can. Too passionate about this game, tbh.
  • Another thing is that I've never seen a game with so many members who volunteer to help make the community a better place. Very unique.
  • Currently a junior and am a member of Delta Sigma Pi, a business fraternity.
  • Traveling to intranational finance events are my favorite thing to do.
  • Changed my major to Business Law once; I will most likely do that again.
  • Although I drink, I'm mindful of my limits at parties and social events.
Fun Facts!
  • I'm partially color blind (protanopia/shade blind)
  • Can play the Cello and sing a little (was Santa in "Elf: The Musical" in high school)
  • I can speak Spanish proficiently, but not fluently.
  • I drive stick shift even though it's 2019
  • Initially, I started as a package handler when I was 18.
  • I was also a CDL Driver for a beverage distributor; this gave me experience in driving large vehicles.
  • I turned 21 a few months ago, the supervisor gave me a recommendation, and I am now a full-time driver.
  • Full time is only for one-third of the year; the rest is part-time due to college classes.
Why apply to Adventure?
  • Your members are respectful and are goal-oriented.
  • League of Legends
  • A clan that follows the global rules in Toribash is unique.
  • Nice to talk to players who don't make me cringe.
    ~I appreciate you guys reading my app. Hope you had a Merry Christmas; also, here's my present to Wizard!~

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Infracted for having the best goddamn replays in Toribash history.