posted for discussion, would join discord if u havent already
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Hey Adventurers My name is Quack, some of you will probably remember me from last time. I have been so busy lately that i didn't notice you guys are back in business, thats why I want to join again. I had such a blast the last time that I want it again
I am not as game active as I use to be but I am very active on forum as well as discord.
I am quite fun to be around, as some of you may know already and I think thats important to a clan. I am also a fairly descent player, I love my realism, so parkour and sparring are probably one of my favorite things to do in TB besides talking a lot of shit haha.
Its a very short app but i hope this is a winner! I'd love to be apart of the fam again!

I also made this cool pic for adventure last time

Cool Pic

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Pm me for help or if you have any questions.
Congratulations to Quack! You've been accepted into Adventure!
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