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Alleyway of Elitism~Spars!
1st spar replay in ages!....Me and the bro Festus.....C&c would be awesome =]
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Taj-festus spar!!.rpl (838.4 KB, 44 views)
wanna spar? pm me =]
Aw this was great, we really went at it. Really great spar in my books, we need to keep this spar spirit alive!
<Jaker> fucking yes , the black anal fetish fetus , :-* love ya .. btw i love how your teehts are touching my *PIEP* when you do a blowjob <3
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Smh ok so i haven't played tb in so long just getting back first replay of the year rate comment C&c.....Taj Vs D3 Lehgoooo

Also gg D3
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wanna spar? pm me =]