Not great- not good.
You seemed really stiff, and the fact that it took you a few nervous hits made the replay a bit unappealing.
You could have done a lot more with the situation you put yourself in. Not the best replay i've ever seen, by a longshot, but certainly not utter garbage.
I, infact, think it is garbage. You were incredibly stiff, had uke fully relax throughout the whole replay, you used a kick opener, you made a useless hit to uke's head, and the DMT seemed extremely low.
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Lay off the guy. First replay.

I thought it was wonderful, but it could be less stiff. Also the kick could've done some epic damage if tweaked.
daddy kill the spider
i think you got to a good start! when i started i fell and broke my head off xD oh and guys who hate this WHY DO YOU CLICK THIS THREAD THEN? he just started! so shut up and JUST ENJOY THIS REPLAY HE MADE!
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