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New frac & dismember system
New fracture & dismember system

Hello, i'd like to file a suggestion / an idea for Toribash. As you may know, you may fracture/dismember a joint by stressing it with a certain amount of force. I think a fracture system where hyper-extending a joint (popping out of the joint's axis) for a set amount of frames/with enough stress would be useful for realism-based mods (ex. TMA modding, Binklawz tori-model), here's an example:

As you can see the joint isn't hyper-extended and is on a 90 degree angle. Therefore it shouldn't fracture

In the image above, the joint clearly popped out of it's axis and should fracture after a set amount of time or additional force.

The new dismember system could be useful in the official mods (ex. Aikido), it'd be done by actually ripping off the joint (with needed force/stress set in the threshold) instead of damaging it. Unfortunatley i don't have an example of this happening, but i am very sure it's possible to do and could turn out to be really cool.

It's not a suggestion to change the systems, but to add new ones. Just like with the new grips

Thanks for reading my post, feel free to comment about what you think of this idea

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