Endurance Onslaught 3.0
sure, we can do that too

but let me just list all participants of the sparring thing
and Instep

that makes 7 so we kinda need 1 more person. Otherwise, someone has to spar 2 rounds with the person who's left
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alright, so teams are:

Tori vs Uke

Lionet; vs The124;
tedster; vs Karbn;
Zibril; vs Instep;

im still not sure if Zibril will participate, but if he wont, Instep can replace him and we make 3 turns with 400 frames. Also someone can contact Rycardo10 so Karbn wont need to go twice, he mentioned he would participate in case one more member was needed.

In the current state of this game/event, we are doing 400 frames each pair, which makes a total of 1200 frames (e.g.: me vs 124 spar from beginning to frame 800, then heroman and karbn spar until frame 400 etc.)

As default, gamerules will be (unless someone wants to change something):
  • 1200 match frames
  • 10 turn frames
  • 400 engage distance
  • -30 gravity

Now, for those who are not sure of HOW this will work, I'll try to explain in detail.

First of all, how are we making a spar collab if it's multiplayer?
We are using a script called respar.lua that allows us to simulate the movement of any replay of our choice. Have in mind that the script only loads the replays movement, the script wont take care of gamerules and "contact"

The first pair to fight will just play as they normally would, in the gamerules established for the replay, and nothing is different from usual, except they can't make /set tf changes (I'll explain that) AND they must be in their respective team's side (Tori or Uke). They just need to spar for 300 frames (assuming it was decided 300 frames per pair), that is, after reaching frame 900 they can save the replay and stop playing.

Now, the second pair will use the script to load the movements from the first pair's replay, after setting the same gamerules as the first replay. Again, each member should be in their respective team's side. After loading the script you can either spam space until frame 900 or do /set reactiontime 1 (it'll make the gap you have to space each turn really short) then /set reaction time 10000 when you're close to frame 900, but be careful with this method so as not to exceed frame 900. As soon as you reach frame 900, a message will appear in the chat saying "All recorded moves have been played.", that means the script's ended its job and now you're in charge of your tori (NOTE: if the first pair played more than 300 frames, the message won't be displayed and the script will keep going, so you'll have to stop the script manually after 300 frames). Finally, you and your partner can spar for 300 more frames with the same rules for the first pair applying to you as well (no /set tf), after that you can save the replay and post to the next pair.

The next pair will load the 600 frames

Keep this going until the replay is done.

How to use the script?
Maybe someone has absolutely no idea of how scripts work so I'll explain everything here for precaution:
- Download the script;
- Go to your Toribash directory;
- Open data folder;
- There will be a "script" folder, open it;
- Drop the respar.lua in it.

Once you're finished adding the .lua (script file format) to your scripts list, you need to load the script in game:

old menu

new menu

After loading the script, something like this should show up:

as it says, press F1 (or right click that shit down there) and this will show up now:

The first box named REPLAY FOLDER: [name] is (or should be) your replays files' root for the current version you're using, there you can browse all your replays by name (the sorting is a bit messed up and some replays wont be sorted alphabetically, they will show up in the top of the list for some weird reason).

The second box named SELECTED REPLAY just shows "notepad information" of the replay you're selecting at the moment, which is somewhat important.

You have three commands:
- Load Replay: it literally loads the replay, don't click it when playing in multiplayer because it'll make you leave;
- Load Moves: key feature of this tool, it'll load all the movements from the side you are in. For example, if you are playing as Uke in mp and load movements from a replay where uke does nothing, you will do nothing as well, if you want to reproduce Tori's movement from a replay, you must be Tori as well;
- Start SafeSave: this feature will save the replay automatically every turn, ensuring that you'll have the entire process saved in case someone pings. The replay will be saved as safesave.rpl, and a message will show up in the chat notifying that safesave is enabled;
- and Unload Script: After you finished loading all the movements you can feel free to unload the script if you want, or just turn safesave on and keep going, it's up to you really.

Where can I find the script?
Here vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
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I have to rethink the teams because heroman is out, and I still needed to know if Zibril is in ://

I'll start with The124 tomorrow anyways

edit: actually nvm, without heroman it gets pretty obvious who should spar who
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we're done with our part
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