I did like the smoothness of your replay, I liked the ending stance hehe.
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How about that weather?
You so agressive man xD
I like this replay
Btw here is my two nice spars
In spar with swexx i totally fucked end
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Brrr vs Swexx.rpl (950.8 KB, 29 views)
Brrr vs Sonny nice quick spar.rpl (372.7 KB, 13 views)
1-st replay is fucking awesome. Really liked u'r style. You'r playing realistic enough. Just continue it, and u'll be awesome like Largekilla or Swex.
2-nd replay is worse, but good too. U could add some speed moves, or smth.

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#Death - plan B.rpl (156.2 KB, 6 views)
#Death - Russian style.rpl (168.7 KB, 6 views)
#Death - Shapovalov.rpl (231.7 KB, 7 views)
%Death - Destruction.rpl (171.1 KB, 6 views)
#Death_Mad.rpl (165.1 KB, 5 views)
these critics are all based on my opinion, and as you might know, i'm more of the realism dude

plan B: opener was random. the kick seemed pretty off-place and the dm seemed quite lucky. the rest was decent, i personally don't like one by one dm's. i prefeer booms and stuff like that.
Russian style: well, i liked how you tried to do an cork as opener, sadly you didn't get much momentum. decap seemed to be pretty well lined up and stuff. dat grab dm on that arm. the rest of the dm's were quite alraight. but i fucking loved the ending. so much realism.
Shapovalov: opener, creative... i guess. fucking loved the first two dm's, and would be amazing if you could've gotten that upper part with a boom. but well, its alot to ask for. the rest of the replay was like ballet and breakdancing combined. wut. anyways, liked it.
Destruction: can't open it.
Death_Mad: opener seemed like something i would'ved done. the manip was decent, didn't like the grab, nor the fact that it was so short. i loved the first kick, great power and aim. and to following up dm's was pretty lucky and one pieced. and i don't even know what you did while moving around.

i made a new tricking replay :c
based on this song
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#hrs - t - be somebody.rpl (244.9 KB, 17 views)
when you did the first jump,you look like drunken master, hrs =D
My new replay.
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25.rpl (156.9 KB, 14 views)
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New replay.
Edit with cnc of Mike's replay pls ~Overlord
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#Death - maners.rpl (209.6 KB, 9 views)
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Nice replay, dude.
I like the ways you move.
Anyway here some of my new replay
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litc_catastrophe.rpl (234.6 KB, 7 views)
litc_disappear.rpl (203.6 KB, 7 views)