Market Squad Recruitment Drive
You could've made a spin at the beginning, but that's just it.
It's the first time this kind of thing is done in the clan so it's fine. However, you should still stick to the rules but I'll make it pass this first round.
Wind it up boys!
█████ Vector █████
█ ███████ █
Whenever you feel like it, either during the cork, right before I land, anywhere there. But keep to 30 frames
ok that's it, I was thinking if I could improve something but 30 frames in mid air isn't much, I guess.

So I began editing at frame 870 and stopped at 840
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Let's get this on hot bois <3

I started at Frame 840 and ended at Frame 810.
I'm sure you know what i'm going into so i don't really need to explain it, have fun karbn <3
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men of few w'rds art the most wondrous men.
I was thinking that too, it's been 3 days Karbn! WAKE UP
men of few w'rds art the most wondrous men.
I'm sorry guys... I've been super busy. I haven't been at my computer in 2 days. I'm hoping to get online tonight after my martial arts class. I'll be running it for about 3 hours before I close shop
i've been trying for a solid hour now. i really can't tell how i'm supposed to save this and stay on the board. can we restart the whole thing and move ourselves a bit back?? there's no way i'm going to save this and look good
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this is the best I could do for now, but I plan to edit if needed tho

do you guys think this is enough to go for a twist or flip or any other kind of follow up?
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Don't worry guys! i have saved us! we shall not fall yet xD

Good luck Karbn <3
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men of few w'rds art the most wondrous men.