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UFC/MMA predictions + chat
We used to have a sports board here, but I guess a sports board in a gaming forum was always doomed to die. Howzabout a single thread? I know there's some MMA fans here. Use this thread to talk about upcoming fights and whatever else you want re: MMA.

I'll kick us off with some topics;

Conor vs Cowboy was recently announced for UFC 246 (Jan 18th). I'll bet my left nut that Conor finishes him inside of two rounds. (Roxanne Modafferi vs Maycee Barber is on this card also, RIP Roxy)

Ortega's out against the Korean Zombie (Dec 21), to be replaced by Frankie Edgar. Do you think Frankie retires when he loses? (also, ya boi Doo Ho Choi makes a return on this card, whoo)

Does anyone give a shit about the Overeem card? There's one or two decent fights underneath the main event, but that's about it. Also 40% of the main card are women fights, lol.

Finally, UFC 245 (Dec 14) has an absolutely fantastic main card. Here's my picks:
Kamaru Usman vs. Colby Covington (I just fucking hate Usman)
Max Holloway vs. Alexander Volkanovski (I have no idea)
Amanda Nunes vs. Germaine de Randamie
Marlon Moraes vs. José Aldo
Petr Yan vs. Urijah Faber (Faber's old and Yan is a killer)
What do you reckon?
The best MMA fighters are from poland since they have their own MMA(its called KSW).
I can't imagine any fighter try to keep up to this, own rules and really mixed up personalities.

I would like to see popek in some fights but I think he made enough money from rapping and music in general.
If you like real martial arts look it up, haven't seen women fight there I think.
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Yaaaaaay MMA thread

Conor vs cowboy: totally agree. Really couldn't be a better matchup for Conor - a notoriously slow starter in cowboy against possibly the best first round fighter in lightweight history in Conor. Only question is how much Conor has been training. If Conor loses, pretty sure he won't fight again. I'll be really happy whoever wins though, 2 of my favourite fighters ever right there.

What makes you so sure that Frankie loses that fight?? I'm definitely biased here because I love Frankie, but I think that's a really close fight. I get that Frankie is pretty old now, but the Ortega fight is the only non-title fight he's ever lost. I will be super upset if he retires, he seems pretty young-bodied for a 38 year old. Having said that, my body is ready for a korean zombie title run...

Overeem card is one of the weakest American cards I can remember. Should be a quick main event though, I reckon Rozenstruik starches him. Too young and strong for this post-USADA Overeem. Don't really care about any other fights on the card, will still watch though. Means/Alves could be quite cool, as could Struve/Rothwell (though makes me sad the loser of the latter will probably be sent to Bellator).

I'm really excited for 245, though I can't see Usman or Colby being able to take the other down, gunna be a slow paced sloppy boxing match. Hate to say it but I'm such a mark for Colby's antics, somehow really excited for that fight even though I know it'll probably be shit.

My picks:

Usman (will probably edge out a split decision)
Holloway (could definitely be wrong about this, don't know too much about Volkanovski. Can't pick against my boy blessed though)
de Randamie (I'm really excited for this one. I think de Randamie's technical striking is too good, I wouldn't be surprised if Nunes gets an early knockout though. I really hope Nunes wins, she's amazing)
Moraes (how the hell is Aldo fighting at 135? Looked like he struggled to make 145. This makes no sense)
Yan (agreed on Faber being old. If Faber wins I'll bet anything he'll be matched up with Cejudo, no matter how little sense that makes)

I know it's not MMA, but any opinions on the Ruiz vs Joshua rematch tomorrow? Excited to see whether it was a fluke. Ruiz has to be the coolest dude in boxing, nothing would make me happier than him winning again (even though Joshua is from my hometown)

@Smaiva I follow KSW, can't say I've been that impressed tbh... Only impressive thing is how many steroids they can fight inside them.
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KSW have women fights too don't they? Karolina was their champ when she started out iirc. And the best MMA fighters are from America bru. That's why Joanna left her Polish camp and trains out of American Top Team.

On Frankie losing to Zombie, remember how everyone always used to say that Faber only lost in title fights also? And then he started losing outside title fights. Dude became old. He was actually younger than Frankie is now when this started happening. Zombie's a finisher and if he didn't sperg out in the last second of the Yair fight, he's undefeated since he's return to the UFC. He's a lot more seasoned that Yair also, so I don't think that Frankie would be able to employ the strategy he used against Yair to be successful. Unfortunately I reckon Frankie's getting knocked out early on.

If Overeem shows up with a decent gameplan and executes it (a la the Mark Hunt fight) Reem can beat nearly anyone. That said, we know basically shit-all about Rozenstruik and how he fights cus he's finished all his UFC opponents so quickly. Given that the gameplan to beat him isn't pre-established, I reckon Reem will get KOed in the process of trying to figure Roze out.

Interesting that you picked GDR against Nunes thar. I see your reasoning but I just can't go against Nunes at this point - Straight savage. A Holly Holm type upset would be cool but I also can't stand looking at GDR (petty I know), she's deeply unpleasant looking - Also pussied out of the Cyborg fight, who does that?? She doesn't have a champ's mentality. She's like a gazelle but Nunes is a goddamn lion.

I heard Ruiz is even fatter for the rematch. I also heard Joshua got badly KOed in training leading up to the first fight, and that he was mentally fucked in the locker room before the fight - So he didn't fight his normal fight and was wary of his degraded chin. Ima give Joshua the benefit of the doubt and say he wins this one - But who knows honestly..
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I can't have ruiz win this one again, it was just straight up embarrassing last time. When you lose a title fight to an obese heavy drinker and smoker while you have a 4 inch height and 8 inch reach advantage it's just like, did you get paid to throw this fight? Sad. Joshua is 6 ft 5 237 lbs and ruiz is 283 lbs 6 ft. He literally weighs double my weight at my height. I will be incredibly disappointed if Joshua loses again.
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Here's a good preview article on Ruiz vs Joshua II. Worth a read.
Lol, rough night for Dan Miragliotta
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what the fuck overeem literally had 10 seconds left wtf was that

also the prelim card ended up being entertaining with that one guy submitting his opponent with a twister
Didn't watch the prelims, which ones should I watch?

And ikr, I was praying in the last minute that Overeem doesn't get sloppy and drop his hands but eh, Reem's gonna Reem. Dude either gets knocked out in the first round or the final round.

Also Joshua won. Ruiz admitted he ate his winnings from the first fight. Good shit.
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Didn't watch the prelims, which ones should I watch?

And ikr, I was praying in the last minute that Overeem doesn't get sloppy and drop his hands but eh, Reem's gonna Reem. Dude either gets knocked out in the first round or the final round.

Also Joshua won. Ruiz admitted he ate his winnings from the first fight. Good shit.

I knew it was a fluke, I've watched a lot of fights and, at the top levels I have never seen a fat fighter win as much as a fit fighter.
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Boy, I always thought the Robbie Lawler lip cut was fucking disgusting, well... Overeem blew that shit out of the water.

As for Ruiz vs. Joshua, I was disappointed but not surprised. AJ came solid with that classic stick and move maneuvering, couldn't make any risky moves. Losing a second time to Ruiz would be the death of him. Ruiz couldn't get his feet planted and was forced to chase AJ. Woulda like to see someone get stunned but props to AJ for securing his belts back.

Looking forward to Wilder vs. Fury. Really got no idea what to expect. Every time I think Deontay is gonna get pieced up, he pulls that fuckin orbital cannon out of no where. Fury will box him up as per usual but it won't matter if Wilder lands that right hand again. Couldn't believe Fury got up from that shot in the 12th. Man has a gift to suddenly wake up from sleeper shots.