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Dracula's Shop

Interested in

Textures - Forces / Relaxes - Packs
Cheap Flames (Will pay 15k for any flames) Post ID with Screenshots
3d items (With decent price drop from market price. Price fluctuates too much)

Miscellaneous - Ghost/Blood/Trails/Gradients/Emote/User Text/Grip/Timer/Hair Color/Torso (Decent price drop from market)

Willing to trade for Market Items

Items I'm Currently Selling/Trading

Ancient Warrior's Helmet
Grand Master's beard
Colossal Sword
Quicksilver Force

Tesla pack
Full 128x128 Joint Textures

Or Will pay TC
Check my TC and Qi before offering
You offer first

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tesla ghost 10ktesla torso x2 2k each (lowest)
leg motion trails 4k
tesla user text 4k
u can counter everything xept the torso
check my deac
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