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Unpacked colour sets
Selling full packs:

All packs is already unpacked.
I'm ready to accept tc or other full packs.
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I would like to offer but you can’t post and offer your market items on forums Can you put in your deac? So I can make a offer
Hey Anku,

I’m going to close this thread being that it has broken the following rule:

B) Do not attempt to sell, or pay with items or ToriCredits that are not in the inventory of the account that is posting. This also covers the sale of items currently in the market.

Hav any questions about anything don’t be scared to message any market squad member.
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I see you've been warned once about selling items that aren't in either your activated or deactivated inventory. Items on your market inventory do not count and if you wish to sell them, then please remove them from the market if you are going to re-open this thread.

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