Actually I rescind my yes because I want to be contrarian.
<BISH> kick chan my modes are moving on their own~
*removes cobwebs*
When THROWUP started I was immediately concerned because the start of the manip looked hard to work with, but you made it work and I think it looks cool how you casually land on your feet after the flip. You move nicely throughout the hits, but the fact that most of the dms are hacked is disappointing. If you want to get more dms, you should try to practice achieving better ghosting (essentially dig your foot/hand in Uke's joints by timing and aiming your hits better).

My favourite part of CRIJING was the transition to the pose, it's rare to see someone move to their pose so vehemently. The opener and decap were cool, but not particularly impressive or novel.

Again, sneakily moving Uke and hacking the dms is a turnoff. If you want more space between yourself and Uke during the opener in BOGRAT, you can open the replay file in notepad and increase the Engage Distance manually (don't forget to delete all the POS lines as well). Ignoring that, it's a standard madman as far as I can tell.

My vote is no. I think your movement is decent, but whatever challenges brought you to moving Uke and hacking for dms can be overcome by improving your speed and aiming. IMO good dms are easier to do than good movement, and it's infinitely more satisfying to look at a replay you've made when it's legit. If you want help for dms I can elaborate further, just message me anywhere.
oh yeah
thanks for looking! really means a lot you were okay with the movement, i really just focus on the flow and did anything to keep it goin. albeit lowering the satisfaction. i'm all ears to get some better dms and i might get back to you with some real stuff. thanks again, pusga!