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Hi, web version of the new market system is now public!
Community voting on 5.53 update focus


New features and changes compared to legacy auto market:

  • Ability to submit purchase requests
    Looking to buy an item but there's nobody selling it right now? Prices too high and you want to save 100 more TC?
    Now you can place a request to buy an item and once someone puts it on sale for your desired price you'll instantly get it!

  • User shops
    They show overall market stats, they have all sale offers and purchase requests neatly displayed - and they can be customized!

  • Market tax
    As we expect new market to take a hit on shop sales once it's made available in game client, there's a 10% tax on all regular sales.
    While this would mean buyers need to pay a higher price / sellers get slightly less TC than they would in current system, we believe that the overall better market experience and its wider availability outweigh the disadvantages of taxing. And what's more important, market tax will allow us to battle TC inflation by creating a reliable TC sink.

  • Market premium
    This is a paid subscription that allows you to sell items without market fee, sell no-qi items (buyers pay extra ST based on insufficient Qi) and customize your shop with a promo image and a description. Premium shops also get randomly featured on market home above sale offers / purchase requests.

Old automated market and "market" section of inventory would be still available until 5.53 is released and new system is bug free. After that, new system would completely take over its place. Market section on forums is going to remain unaffected by this change.

There are some more UX changes planned to the new system which will be done over the next week or two. If you've got suggestions on any improvements / changes, please let us know in this thread.
If you encounter any bugs, also make sure to post here so I can fix them.

Market subscription's price will be adjusted after 5.53 release as we measure market activity to determine a fair price. For now, it will be available at a $5/3mo price on PayPal (non-recurring): https://forum.toribash.com/payments.php