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Union Jack Country Code
ok so basically the union jack country code should be changed from GB to UK as GB and the UK are different Uk=Northern Ireland,Wales,Scotland and england GB=England Scotland and Wales Great Britian doesn't include Northern Ireland But the United Kingdom includes Northern Ireland And im from Ireland and im just past the Border of NI and it said for my Country Code GB that is wrong and it should be changed.

Open it

Great Britain is the main island; England, Scotland, Wales
United Kingdom, is the group of constitutions that shares the same government: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island.

Northern Island is not in Great Britain
You're only showing as GB because that's what your ISP & IP are reporting themselves as.
If it was declaring itself as IE then you'd have an Irish flag.

Anyway, I've poked your account & for the moment it should show the correct flag, however it wont last so long as your net provider says you're GB.

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