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Bring back the new tourney system
The new tourney system was a good idea imo and others that i heard from.

Where the 10kqi+ got 12k tournies. It gave a reason for higher belts to play in tournies and helped people make tc that usually struggled.

If theres a thread that has a reason to why the tournies went away, a link to it would be greatly appreciated.
Yup this is needed, 12k for 10k QI was such a good idea. Since a lot of tenth dan's can't be bothered wasting 15 mins fighting blue belts for 750tc.
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There are still some small bugs in the tourney system, the "new" system will be back once we're sure there won't be any need in resetting all rooms each day. I hope tourneys you're talking about will be back by Tuesday (if hampa finds some time this weekend they'll be there even earlier).
I liked the new tourney systems accept for one part, the mods. Now I might have missed some of the mods but from what I could see you guys (who ever runs the tourneys) chose mods that generally a lot of people played. My idea is that you make it so that the mods that are played during the tourneys are ones that are mainly played in that QI level not just by everyone. I apologize if that's what you guy already did and I just missed it.