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Actually implementing suggestions
I feel that all of the good suggestions aren't being noticed by staff. I say its time to start using some of the communities ideas. Possibly releasing betas to allow the community to see their idea and allow staff to implement them sooner rether then never. Thoughts?
Amongst all the terrible and unviable suggestions ther are a few which are actually viable yes, however they are so sparse that they are hard to see, im sure that the people who need to see the ideas certainly do, however I do agree that some of the ideas should be implemented. It would be great to see some of the great ideas to be implemented, some of which might already be on the list of future implementation.

Being noticed != being implemented right the next moment they're being noticed.
When you got only 2 people developing the game, please expect that new things don't get added every week.

Closing this thread because it doesn't make sense and isn't related to this board.