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Some which way or another i'd love for google translate to be built into chat so everyone can atleast halfway understand each other..... it'd make talking to people so much easier
Do you mean in game or on the forums? If in game just ask the other players to speak English or ask them to use a translator to speak with you. If you mean forum wise just right click and select translate page.
Trileobe: Google translate and any other automatic translate systems are crap and on most of the cases they could mislead. The best thing you could do is trying to blend in with the language, trying to understand them like what they are or just ignore that.

Goat: It's as hard for the other player to talk in English as it is for you to talk Russian /portuguese/etc. I don't see the point on making them talking in English.

Obviously the points I stated are recommended for official public servers. In some cases (like tourneys) I tend to use translators or ask people to talk in an understandable language for me or a mod in the room in order to moderate.