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Actually getting shit back when you are Scammed or etc...
[3:40:17 PM] Demon: duel scam (heart)
[3:40:20 PM] Demon: my flames vs 145k
[3:40:23 PM] Demon: he lost 3-1
[3:40:35 PM] Demon: then sank his tc by betting on himself 145k and loosing
[3:42:56 PM] Demon: ok
[3:44:52 PM] Demon: dun
[3:44:54 PM] Demon: i need a tsa
[3:46:13 PM] Fate: tsa?
[3:46:22 PM] Demon: Torishop Admin
[3:49:09 PM] Fate: why
[3:49:20 PM] Demon: to send laxs items to me
[3:49:47 PM] Fate: didnt you get refunded
[3:49:56 PM] Demon: nope not in tc
[3:49:59 PM] Demon: just in items
[3:50:01 PM] Demon: cause he sank his tc
[3:50:34 PM] Fate: but admins can make infinate TC
[3:50:48 PM] Demon: no it doesnt work like that
[3:51:03 PM] Demon: I got loan scammed 85k and got nothing back
[3:51:35 PM] Fate: what you get nothing back if you get scammed what kinda bullshit is that?

so after having this conversation with demon I feel that stupid stuff like this is beyond unfair. Seeing how some scams are in no way in the victims control, I think you should get full refund on whatever it is that you lost if it is approved by whatever mod happens to look at the report. not be half refunded with the scammers shitty items and such when the scam leads to TC loss most of which usually aren't useful.
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