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Can You don't put bloodstain option shouldn't just be if you do /opt blood 0 no bloodstain is on the floor and can you add the four players again for the next update
Hey is this what you call "Fighting". If so... you have no idea what it really is
Four player Toribash has been suggested alot, i see that people want it however if the engine was updated so that toribash could occupy 4 Tori's on a screen at once why would you want to stop there why not expand to up to 32? Now wouldnt that be fun? In the future we might have the chance to witness the wonder of 4+ tori's on a screen at one, however this is not the time and the gameplay would get stale, even if it was just one mod. It would get over played alot, then get old where people wouldnt want to even play it anymore, in this case the journey is greater than the destination which could not even happen.

Where as the bloodstain /opt blood 0 should be good enough to stop it, why would there need to be an addition to the options menu just to accumulate something which can simply be done by an /opt command. I guess it would be easier in the options menu, but it would take just the same amount of time that typing the /opt command in.