Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
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(Failure to Communicate)

Banner^ made by me!--Ugonadie6

Clan art!

Made by sano!^


Clan Story!
In a "deserted" foreign city of Prypiat, a group of military personnel stormed their way through the streets of an unknown location. As each second passed, their contact with their fort a few thousand miles away was slowly and unknowingly fading away, soon they will realize there is no one to guide them. They are running blind, or so they thought...with Falloutboi, and Ugonadie6 leading the gang of elite soldiers they will reach their goal... even in their Failure to Communicate. They will not fail… we shall not fail…

Ranking System/Members
Clan Leader/s





Elite members
These are some of the best fighters in the clan and highest ranked, they also are recruiters. To be one you must show leadership, honesty, and loyalty; this will not be given out freely.



Normal Active Members
Note: If you see some one with the tag [FtC] and they are not on this list, then they are not part of this clan. [And please report them]






Rules and regulations
1.)All members must treat the clan, members, and non-members with utmost respect, meaning please treat your surroundings with care.
2.)You must be a 2nd dan or higher to enter this clan, but we do except black belts (IF) they are extremely active (forums wise) and they are exceptionally good in-game.
3.) I will not tolerate cursing on this DSC or any other DSC, period if i see this you are out no warnings.
4.)Everyone in this clan is required to post. Often i probably wont be extremely forceful on forum activity, but really just post when you can!
5.)No one recruits unless i give you the title.
6.)To enter this clan you must post an app and then you will be tested in game.
7.) Do not ask to be an elite or Co-Ldr we will appoint this to whom seems fit.

Note: If you do not post on this DSC in a week, from your last post, you will be on probation for a week, then if you do not post by then you will be kicked from the clan. If you have an excuse (family matters, ect.) then you are fine.

2 weeks without posting, and you will be kicked from the clan.

How active you are in-game.-
Fav. Mod/ Best mod-
Why you wish to join.-
When you are available to be tested.-
User card-

Clan Event Board

None at the moment.




Fallen Angels




__________________________________________________ ____________
Our main goal with this clan is to provide the knowledge necessary to help the members win. We do not wish to be a "social group" but rather a respected clan of responsible and mature members. We believe order is achieved by discipline, but hard work yields rewards, like having fun.

IRC Channel name: #FtC
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Die great job on the dsc cant wait to get started. xD
[OLDA]|[Ultimate]|Order of Taekkyon| ex-GameMaster
Questions concerns? Pm me
Thanks gamer xD
[OLDA]|[Ultimate]|Order of Taekkyon| ex-GameMaster
Questions concerns? Pm me
Demie you should join.
[OLDA]|[Ultimate]|Order of Taekkyon| ex-GameMaster
Questions concerns? Pm me
Good luck If you want we can have an alliance.
also Nice color scheme i used all the ones i could XD.
Hey die kidhampa is in his usercard is his app ive been speccing him in these tournies and hes done very well hes clsoe to 2nd dan so thats good and pig yeah an alliance sounds good and thanks!
[OLDA]|[Ultimate]|Order of Taekkyon| ex-GameMaster
Questions concerns? Pm me