Season 8
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New here new in here..umm i can post in here because i always play in many can see u ingame..
Sup. Would do you good to read the forum guide and the FAQ, and check out the staff list if you need a staff member.

Also be sure to read the stickies(check the forum guide) in the boards for important stuff.

Oh, and don't abuse caps lock. I'll uncaps the title(if you're wondering how I can do this, check out the local moderators part of the forum guide).

Have a nice time!
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Herro welcome to toribash, if you have any questions about the game just PM me or look on the sites FAQ. Be sure to be forum active and have fun :3
Welcome, hope to see ya around.
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Good job on scoring a short name
Just like me! That's really cool. See you around toribash.
See you around toribash and hope you have lots and tons of fun in the forums and ingame

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Welcome to Toribash and good luck on games and have fun. Just PM me if you want to learn you some strategies or if you need help.;)