I think we can't. I'm only orange belt and i mostly play in semi pro and intermediate servers. I play in tournaments if i need TC or if i want to improve in twinswords
Jase, dat was cruel.

Welcome rail. Have fun in the world of toribash, if you need any helpz. you can always pm me. :P
Thanks Miku.

I'm starting to enjoy this thing but the exam is still blocking my path of video games. I usually play even on exam nights but for this exam, my mom made me to study seriously. I wouldn't care about this exam no matter how important it is to get me good grades and put me in better classes, cos I'm gonna move to another school after this year.

Anyway, I'm gonna try to become a green belt(maybe even blue) at the end of the month.
By the way, your spoiler video's cool Miku
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Hey, thanks. Muun is a good editor. sly is mean. Sly y u do dis?

Anyway, good luck with the exam. Hope you do well and good luck getting dem belts.
You didn't come back online after u left Miku... -_-

I'm gonna go play in the 500tc tournament twinswords. Trying my luck to get another win.
Hey man, welcome to toribash.

For your records...

You've sent 3000 toricredits to Railgun123

To boost you off on your journey. That was all i had...
WHOA!! Hey Oscar! Haven't seen you in a while man. You're not coming over to my house these days, what's wrong?

Guys, Oscar introduced me to Toribash. He's like my father in here
Lawl, well rail. i will be your teacher. cause.. yeh c: Ive decided, i want to have an apprentice so why not, Would you like to trainz wiff me sometime?
Yeah man. My bros in hospital so i had to go look after him by the time school finishes.
Also, I am not gonna play in-game that much or maybe never. So I sent all the tcs to you