Endurance Onslaught 3.0
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Bring back old video style
Music : Black Sun Empire - Swarm

Recorded with OBS studio

Edited with Sony Vegas Pro 15

I don't know why but i like these kind of video, it's so simple and easy to watch, it's like just adding a DnB song and a few effect. Its brings back the memory of the old Toribash.

btw, i drew the logo for my channel but i'm not very proud of it so if any of you guys are designers, you guys can help me make it (PM me), thanks
Looks great. I'm a big fan of minimal edited/effects on videos. It does remind me of older Toribash videos. The camera was in great positions too with good variations of angles. Probably the best example or at least my favorite would be at 0:35-0:37. The zoom in effect with the pan out after was pretty spot on for a transition to the next replay.

As for your logo, it looks fine.

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

thanks for your compliments. But i only have one problem: how to increase FOV in Toribash instead of pressing 4 and 7?
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Music: Pendulum - Showdown

Programs: OBS studio, Sony Vegas Pro 15

Replays: all by me

btw, i added motion blur

Program : OBS Studio, Sony Vegas Pro 15
Song used :Harry Shotta, Skibadee, Eksman, Dreps, Grima & Azza | DNB Art Form
Replay by : Karbn, Kirinoi, Swexx, Logodotzip

i got inspired by some 90's skateboarding video, i did the fisheye lens border thing and high FOV
This video i made was for a challenge between me and Karbn, those replays was from Karbn sent to me because he wanted me to help him with recording
Check out Karbn's version when it came out, it's really great !
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Holy shit these are awesome and definitely give off a nostalgic vibe. I really dont like when people over-edit videos but you found the sweet spot. I'm curious, how does one get to be in a video of yours?
thanks for the compliment ^^
I'll soon make another thread where i post all of my videos and request replays after i finished a video i make for a clan.
As i said, karbn is also making a video from these replays, stay tune for that ^_^