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Pizza with pineaple, international crime or actually good?
Let's vote.
Worse than murder, international crime
Ain't gay but 20$ is 20$
pineapple is cool but when you start putting bananas and shit on it that's where you lose me
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I see no problem with it, a lot of tai n other asian quisines contain dishes where they mix pineapples with different sorts of meat, rice etc. People have no problem when they cook their meat in a bowl full of mashed berries, but when they have pineapples with a ham they are like "óóóóóóóó a fruit wid ma meat diz is stóópid, I only consóóme meat with a meat and a ląąrge sóda".
Yea, speaking 'bout a tomatoes.
Hawaiian pizza is not my favourite, I prefer the classics: la pizza margherita alla mozzarella, buonissimo!
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pineapple in pizza is dope
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I don't know why eliteist fags go around and say "pizza with pineapple isn't pizza" when we all know the true enemy is ansjovis
Think i ate one pizze with pineapple only 1 time in my life and i can't say i really liked it. I mean like it's a good kinda desert, but i wouldn't not eat it tbh.
I never had enough money to buy one of those, but idk might be interesting
Hawaiian pizza is the same price as margherita, wym?
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