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[h] Message to the visitors

Hidden is a clan started by nine people in a tiny and small chat in facebook on March 28th that got its official seal of quality on July 4th. It's a clan with not a single leader (there is one guy stated as "leader" there because bureaucracy), actually we work in a council system, which means that all people in the council rank run this clan within a strong friendship and a nice teamwork.

Do you want to post here? You're lucky because we don't have allies, if you want to post, just post, you're free to interact, make friends, you just need to respect our rules, which are all written here. Oh yes, we know it is in Portuguese, but don't worry: just don't fuck up with global rules and clan discussion rules and we're all ok.

Do you want to join Hidden? Yay nice, but just be aware that Hidden is a clan to people who speaks Portuguese, so you don't really need to be Brazilian to join us, just take some Portuguese classes and feel free to apply here.

Do you want to fight us in a war? Great! we really like warring. Just leave a post here and wait a few minutes or hours and we'll get everything ready to go. Good luck to you. hahaha

That's all, welcome aboard.
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