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[S] Recruitment

So, if you want to be a part of this family you came to the right place.
We want you to post any information about yourself what can be important for us.

Q: How will be judging done?
A: Every active member say "Yes" or "No" and tells why.

Q: How much time judging takes?
A: Depends on, from one day to one month

Q: Can i be in 2 clans in one time?
A: No

Q: How much games, or which talents i need to join you, guys
A: be adequate, thats all
Team Girl Scouts | until 04.06.2019 | Rest In Peace
2013, 2019 CL Champion
I dont play a lot of toribash but i can help you guys if you need it like i always did.
So if you guys need my help invite me il be on for you guys <3

Bitch Please
depends on you, my dear friend
Team Girl Scouts | until 04.06.2019 | Rest In Peace
2013, 2019 CL Champion
My app
I am a brown belt
Global rank is below 10,000 currently around 2,000
I would really like to join a clan
Best and only play aikido
I consider my self as a strong Aikido player
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App to Silver

My name is Felippe ! I'm 13 years old.

I speak english,portuguese and spanish(My english AND my spanish not is fluent.)

My GMT is -0

My skype is - Romsbetagamer

I'm master belt but you guys are seeing as my 3th dan belt black belt, so how i'm master belt ? are simple, i'm banned unfortunately,I'd rather not tell why...
name of accs banned - Felnin3255,Felnin,romsfer,and others,My story is kind of sad but...

I like
ABD,aikido,brushu,wushu3,wushu_pro,lenshu3ng,ninju sto,Taekkyon,rk-mma,AikidoBiggerDojo and AikidoBigDojo_Pro.

Other information :

I like cats and dogs, I play football, I like anime, I study the morning, game toribash 6 hours per day,i like dueling in toribash and like make replays with my friend Irrita, when I have enough TC, I help people who do not have much TC, I like to run through the streets, like making gifts for people, I have 3 dogs at home, live in an apartment, I like playstation 2, I like fps games too. Unfortunately I've been banned ... , I do not like talking about it but I need to, I was supposed to be master belt, if I never had been banned, many people ask me why I'm rank 30 and I answer for two reasons, 1 - I was supposed to be master belt 2 - I play all day but I'm not here to talk about my unfortunate past, back to the subject I like cookies and soda (it's delicious), I currently wear a notbook to gamble and so on. I'm 1.45 meters tall, my best friend in toribash is Juliano (Dragon), I've been playing toribash 2 years. I drink water and soda in plastic cups. My main goal is to reach the toribash the rank 1 and to be honest I'm not far from it. I have two alts acc (FelninBrsh and lighted). In real life I am honest, kind, and polite, this is what people say about min. Unlike many people, I like most of materia school mathematics and i like dubstep. I hope you enjoyed.

Name changes/alts: I have 2 alts - FelninBrsh(alt) and LightED(Bank).

My player Card :

Username: Fluz
Id: 3277488
Toricredits: 561
Qi: 3204
Achievements: view | view all
Bounty List: view

Why you want join in silver ?

R: I'm not sure, I became interested by the administration and appearance of the clan. I think I can give myself very well here and besides everything I can leave this clan + active!

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hi i am awyang [ACNE ingame] rank 54210, green belt wonna join you . i need only nothing and can give everything .