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[Aeon] - Inactivity Thread
Everyone who is going to be Inactive for a longer time should fill out this form in order to not be punished for inactivity.
You can post an Inactivity notice for someone else, if the person itself is unable to.

Nick: Chirs
Reason: vacation
Duration: 2 weeks

Inactive Member List (IML)

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[04:26:00] Shane O'Connor: and im sorry i haven't been online lately, my 10
year old computer went poof and i'm in the process of saving up for a new one, i only got the chance to use my cousins computer now for a few minutes
now so i wont be online for another while, maybe a day or two sorry again
and i'll try and get some time tommorow to put it on aeon inactivity thread
if i can
Reason:No special reason
Duration:No special duration.
Might be back , might not be back
|Serbian|#BlameTheAnimal|RIP Zizhi and Beenyxd|LaG<33|[TA]|[OoT]

Reason:Going to Murica
Duration:two weeks
|Serbian|#BlameTheAnimal|RIP Zizhi and Beenyxd|LaG<33|[TA]|[OoT]

Yea my activity (dorum/ingame) is probably going to be reduced for the next few days/weeks

My oh so great life took a turn for the worse ye tagain

College, my friends. I hate to say this, but I won't be as active anymore. There's no internet at the dorms, and I really want to make this year count.


We'll see if I order some plane tickets back home to my cozy cabin in the woods along with my family, but I wouldn't count on it. I'll just go ahead and say about 2 - 4 months. I'll be gone for a whole year, but I'm planning on returning home every vacation.

Don't worry, friends! I will be back to kick your lovely bubblegum butts in-game one day! ;)
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Nick: Analwache
Reason: Spreading the Peoples Revolution to Croatia Vacation
Duration: from this Sunday (28th September) to Thursday (2nd October)
Okay so let's get this straight so I don't get kicked for inactivity for some reason:
Starting next week:
Monday: dad Tuesday: mom Wednesday: dad Thursday: dad Friday: dad Saturday: dad Sunday: dad.
Week after:
Monday: mom Tuesday: mom Wednesday: mom Thursday: dad Friday: mom Saturday: mom Sunday: mom
And so on...

That is my schedule. Just to be clear when I'm at my mom's I post almost everyday. At my dad's I check the forums almost every day but I cannot post because my internet blocks me.