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Don't worry it takes more then such a short time to get kicked ;)
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Ok good.

So it's 6 days activity and 6 days inactivity kind of. I will however still be browsing the forums but not posting.
My computer went up in flames (literally, the motherboard caught fire and burned all the cables), so my ingame activity may suffer due to the fact I have to use my mums pc for that.
So yea, this is officially a thing for me now. Forum inactivity and ingame inactivity starting today, probably not going to end for a long time. Chirs knows already but meh, details details.
I'm a game developer for other games.
Ping me if you have a query or general question unrelated to this game.
My PC crashed down lel, won't be ingame for idk maybe like a month, will fix it later after I finish my exam.
"People become stronger cause there are memories they won't forget."
Not sure if am allowed to even post here but ehh
So I'll be gone to a parkour/tricking-ish camp for the next three days, so I doubt I'll be posting or even checking the forums in that time :c
basically a beyblade that can jump.
tricking thread
Wont be very active for the next 3 weeks

Working 8 hour night shifts 6 days out of 7
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Taking a short break from TB and the internet in general.

Only until the end of the week or so, seeya by then

Habeeb don't break shit