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Fix the Tutorials board
Hello. I'd like to see the Tutorials board fixed, especially now that Toribash 4.0 is out and there seems to be a lot more updates coming.
The current Index thread is full of outdated tutorials, last updated January 18th of this year, title saying whatever. There's some threads way back from 2006 to early 2007 (1, 2) and some with broken links, pictures and/or videos (1, 2).
There also seems to be some tutorials written in an other language mixed with the English tutorials. These tutorials deserve a better place imo.
I'm not too sure about moderation, but I spot Koz in the local moderators section. I don't remember seeing him for a while so I checked his profile and it seems he hasn't been to Toribash forums since January 20th of this year. Ezeth seems to be doing some moderation, though.

A few days ago I went through all the tutorials in the Index thread and made a list of what needs to be updated, fixed or deleted. It's not very exact though, since I went through them quickly without reading much of the thread itself.

I hope something can be done to make Tutorials a better place. I'd be glad to help out.

EDIT: It seems I was made a Tutorials local mod for this rofl lol Anyways, I'm gonna leave this thread open for possible suggestions just in case.
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