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Records Utilizing Known Glitches [Please Read Before Posting]
Don't abuse glitches kids!

It's come to our attention that there's been a recent rise in players utilizing known glitches in an attempt to break records. Whilst finding little tricks in the game to help you out is one thing, these glitches are game breaking and essentially make some records obsolete due to their nature. Here is a list of known glitches that will invalidate any record that utilizes them whether you knew it was a glitch or not.

Think You've Broken The Highest Fall Without Dismemberment Record? Think Again!

Bruise Glitch

Glutes and Pecs

Restarting a replay and editing in the first frame

Me or another local moderator will update this list as time goes on as we notice more game breaking glitches pop up in the Book of Records.
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