i dont even

that was fucking flawless its like i dont even have anything to comment on
oh yeah
that was the joke ive seen adjentyre time i meant to say regular show basically not a real person basically you cant lets see how kyle whos kyle
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are you hot and bothered by my microphone problems.

anyway could use more dms but its ok i guess whatever.
wow that
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> : D

I don't like it
All you did was dm him once
Please work on the dms
got pretty bored. made a mediocre dm heavy replay.
ill try harder next time
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Opener was unique for this gravity, since its usually used in -30 grav. The mid air running kept it from being to floaty. All the dm's were nice and smooth including the transitions. Loved the last helicopter hit. Good replay inter
2 replays in a day aaa

if you want cnc the one before this 2
i might have taken a break on movement and stuff. might have idk
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