i think your main problem is not delaying stuff enough. you spend very little time in your setups and it cucks your momentum big time
in the pic u cant really see but im over 45 degrees more rotated than you are, and doing the same launch off the foot. i delay it like that cause it gives me more momentum and also makes the movement look less jerky. hard to compare through images but if u look at someone elses replay youll see how much delay there is between movement compared to yours. i cane xplain better in discord if u want. also post in my thread
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in your swing trhough your arms and swinging leg are both wayyyyy too early. the sideswipe into tdr was cool and smooth but form was kinda off again youre doing your launch too early and its losing you power and rotation. if you wait a bit and let your foot plant properly youll get much better launch.