Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
you play games, right?

a long time ago you talked about how in competition, despite working against each other, players are working together to challenge one another.

Versus, right?

am I getting you right?

i'm thinking of posting introductions or mock applications. We can link them in the desc
the graphic novel I am reading right now is pretty good. I didn't realize I was drifting though space with it so I shouldn't say it's shitty
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"competitive gaming" was the approximate main meaning i was imagining for versus but i didn't recall that one statement specifically. i n c i d e n t a l l y My more recent thoughts about competitive gaming are less focused on "the opponent" or ... competition as conversation, and more focused on just how to clearly focus on whatever's in front of me and let go of anything unnecessary like narratives or inflexible expectations.

what was fuzzy was how versus'd work in multiple ways. The word versus does share the same first three letters with my last name though, kinda like how Bracket shares letter count and first and last letters with my first name. which i'm pretty sure was an accident. Bracket, i mean.
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i might change my quote, but i don't really have any ideas at the moment.
i might change my quote, but i currently don't have any ideas.
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lemme take a moment and set the bar absolutely as low as possible for "art"/"creative" posts by posting my Apex Legends banner design

because I like how it all fits together with the colors and the themes.

OK so running practice. Like Toribash parkour-ish map super-basics? Featuring a lot of falling over? big shame i guess we can't do, like, 4 people all playing at the same time. I'll wait for fluffs to report whatever her schedule is. not that i have a schedule.
let me think of a better reason than the one I had.

nevermind, I just want to run at you guys while playing steelpackageinstagib.tbm. it won't be scary if you remind yourself I'll probably trip over my own dick, like usual.

im a girl btw

it won't be weird either. we'll all friends here.

how did you guys forget i'm a girl

you guys suck

i don't know why i even play toribash with you guys
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this forum needs a thumbs-up button

i need a way to give a blithe thumbs-up to the above post

also i prodded fluffs on Discord to notice this thread. not that she's on Discord.

where's awelotta, and is awelotta pronounced "awe - lotta" or some way else
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i had an idea for how you should thumbs up stuff, but I couldn't figure out how to explain it so I guess I didn't have an idea.

my brain is perpetually paperjammed.

i'll let awelotta answer your question.
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the quick-reply post was a resounding success. edit: ok now what this sentence was replying to went away, but i'll keep this sentence here as a memorial.

i believe myself to be pretty good at explaining things. or at least pretty good at certain key parts of the process of explaining things.

or at least i believe myself to be somebody who's spent a whole lot of free thinking time trying to improve my ability to explain things. Lots of time spent describing things to myself in my head. and also explaining gaming concepts to random people on forums.

the point of this thrilling backstory being that i wish i could lend some Explaining Things mental resources to you cuz i think i have spare.

it takes a remarkable amount of effort to convince this forum to put 2 line breaks between my paragraphs and not 1 or 3.
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