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Duel Glitches
Q: What are Duel Glitches?
A: Duel Glitches are game bugs that happens while you are playing Duel with somebody

Q: When They Happen ?
A: They happen when one of players quits/pings or have problems with his computer so his game is closed.

Q: What about our TCs?
A: Staff will refund you, but only if you have solid proof i.e screen shots (no, witnesses won't do).

Q: Is there any way, to be sure that all things will go good while dueling?
A: Yes, you can always duel without duel mode, and send TCs or recieve them after the duel, but remember, that will not get you safe from scammers that will simply quit during fight to don't loose their TCs, but you need to choose your opponents wisely.

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