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%Reporting tourney abusers
Well i was just wondering if we can report tourney abusers

cause i reach the final and when i am about to win the other guy does /qu and i dont get the tc

here is an example

assassinPro quited, as you can see the tourney restarted because accoboss is back in the line

these tourneys should be fair and i believe ppl that do this should be punished since this is equal to a duel.

so can we report or not? if yes you got a report upthere lol
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As far as I know this can't be reported. As there is a number of reasons a person may need to quit. At one point there was discussion about implementing something so the tourney doesn't restart or if a player quits it counts as a forfeit and the other player wins. No idea if this will be added or when. In any case this isn't Support material nor report worthy. Closed.