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%[H] Help me, + come here Tonakai
[*]Look this thread - , i am not right?
[*]Who banned me? - Tonakai[*]Now i am banned 4 months, but in my last message (in inbox) says i am banned 5days, can someone say me the reason why i am banned now for 4months?

[*]Pictures -
[*]Last community message -

[*]The message from community -

[*]Now my ban date -

Please help, or just tell the reason why I have such a long period of ban.

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The main reason is that you tried to sell an item that you didn't at that time own.

If you want to discuss/rage this further then PM me instead of making a big thread for this.

Also, there's a reason for the 5 days and 3 (yes, 3) months thing, cba to explain it here.