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Sparring tips?
As im sparring sometimes, feel like a huge noob, because my opponent is fully stood up while i'm on my knees uppercutting thin air. Any help for sparring would be welcome. Thanks
Here's a replay i got sparring recently. If you could, tell me what you think and tell me some tips :P Thanks
Nevermind, i don't know how to upload replays xD
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Sparring is a thing which needs lots of practice. But for the first i would rate u that u should play mods with -30 gravity, so u can learn how to balance correctly, try to make replays with -30 and just keep practicing, no one stardet as a pro..
U can also watch some pro sparring replays and learn from them!

For posting replays, just click on "post reply" then scrolldown to "manage attachments" click on it, choose the replay , click upload , wait untiil its finished, close the window and click on post..there ya go
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Like Blubkill said, noone is a pro sparrer right off the bat, it takes time and alot of training to learn to spar. Try messing around in -30 gravity, see what you can do. Then slowly progress and you'll find your own style soonner or later. And remember have fun with it c:
Always try to make it look realistic. And you should try being more relaxed because that makes it looks better.
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dont be afraid to look bad ore sumeting like that just do the style that u like the most
and take your time doing turns in a spar
try to keep your moves until you can make another move
not spamm klicking making it look a littel twitchy
but allways play on -30 gravity
makes it a more realistick feature
and train by just goofing around in a lot off different sparring mods
and have fun
within time you get better

my self ive been sparring for 9-11 months ore so
and i have just had a ton off fun and gotten mutch better then i was in the beggining

so good luck on the teaching off the art '''sparr'''

btw sorry for my rubbish english xP

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Things I think you need to work on, this is how I got better:

1. Try to stand up and walk or run or move forward.
2. Work on moves that are your style.
3. Work on your flow your flow makes the replay more realistic.
4. After your done all of that try sparring yourself like they said, "practice."
5. Try to do all the things you made up and learned online.
After all that you should know how to spar better.
Good luck
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Maybe the hardest part is to keep your balance and I know it's hard for you to keep your balance.
You should hold some joints to make you balance, but don't make it stiff.
And try to relax knee when kicking, it's make you more realistic, don't fully extend you knee.
Use gravity -30.

GL and have fun
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Originally Posted by 17april View Post
relax knee when kicking, it's make you more realistic, don't fully extend you knee.

That's such shit advice. You don't slap people with your legs.
you kick them.

So it isn't marked as spam hopefully, some advice.
holding isn't really as bad as everyone says, you just have to keep a healthy balance
between the two. try to stay on your feet most of the time, etc.
sorry, I don't really know what to add...
wow that
Originally Posted by NearlyDead View Post
That's such shit advice. You don't slap people with your legs.
you kick them.

When you relax your knee it extends by itself when you swing it and like he said it looks more realistic.
Just doing contract then extend is not how sparring kicks goes it will look weird.
Just stating what happens and what 17april was talking about.

Yea, -30 gravity is what you need to have when you go sparring.
Also try not to do handstands.

Forgot to put more tips in my other post but there you go.
I bet you will get in in a month.

Good luck
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