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[MyLittle] Recruitment

We are currently accepting new members but we are also looking for former members of this clan. That will be discussed later on in this post.

Apply for [MyLitte] is fairly simple and straightforward. Fill out this application below. At the very end c/p this sentence to the end of your application so I know that you read the instructions carefully. "Friendship is magic." I am a major spelling and grammar person so that better be taken into careful consideration before you even think about submitting an application to me. Application format goes as follows:

*Bio: (This better be long! I want to know all about who we're getting.)
*Reason for Joining:
*Favorite Pony:

Notice to Former Members:
If you were a former member of this clan and would like to return to help us revive, post here with a bit of information about yourself and I will send you an invite. Make sure you have some kind of confirmation. Most likely BFG will know who was a past member so I'll rely on his judgement.
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*GMT: I live in America Wisconsin so....
*Bio: Hello! My name is Jacob, and I have a blue belt in toribash. I am a mature but freindly player. I love to play toribash and feel I am an experianced player. I do live on a "farm" but I will try to tell you whenever I have to tend to the animals. I am also in school so most days more than none I will be in school =(. I hope this was enough to give you enough information about me.
*Reason for Joining: I would like to join so I can get some allies in this game of war. I chose your clan becouse you obviusly sound fearless due to the name (I LOVE it though!)
*Skype: Jacob Medchill
Hmmm... I like you. Who's your favorite pony and I'll invite you. c:
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Applejack of course!
I am a bit of a noob at the whole forum thing so if you could private message me the invite, that'd be great!
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Yeah, I'll send it your way. That reminds me, I need to add that question to the application format.
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Uh Ohhh look who's back! Great to see this clan back in action, I'll list my app below.

Name: Kody
Age: 17
GMT: - 5

I've been around the TB community for a pretty long time now, I've seen it change, and turn into something really huge. Back in the day, I took part of the old MLP clan, and it was great load of fun. I really'd love to make some more great memories here, and contribute all I can to you guys. I've always been known to the clans I've been in (Evil, Silver, Guardians) as an extremely loyal member, which is something I deeply pride myself in. I know I can make a difference not only to the in game revognition of this place, but also add to it's integrity as a whole. Aside from the toribash front I've taken up a career in the music business. I do mostly electronic music, which has taken off tremendously over the past few months.And yes it is in vein of none other then the brony community. I'd be happy to share with you guys if anyone's interested ;). Evil was my home for a long time before the road got rocky at the end.
Reason for Joining: I loved the old clan, I love the way this new one is looking, I really would love to take part of bringing this clan to it's make potential, whether it's in game or down on the forums
TheJesut (Proctra)

Bes Pone

Show some Love.
App is decent, could use some better formatting however. One thing, though, you forgot the secret something at the end. Anyway, you're already in so it doesn't matter. xD
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Friendship is magic.

*Name: Danny

*Age: 14

*GMT: 0

*Bio: (This better be long! I want to know all about who we're getting.)I like to make art in mu spare time like YouTube banners, avatars and signatures. I do YouTube time to time I'm brony (of course) and my favorite pony is Applejack. And when I'm not playing Toribash I'm playing Garry's Mod.
I have been in a few clans but started of in FVipers then to my friends clan Hazard then to Pulse but no big clans. I spar a lot and I'm mediocre at it I can also do a little parkour. I'm good in clan wars on mods like abd and graykido
*Reason for Joining: Because I would love to join a Toribash clan that I belong to and is well managed. I can offer myself (of course), my art skills (No for texture sadly) and if necessary videos for the clan.

*Skype: dannturner3

*Favorite Pony: Applejack
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