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Steam Error - "You are not logged into steam"
Hello Technical Support. I am having an issue with purchasing items on the in-game Toribash shop. I was trying to purchase 5 Shiai Coins, and it tells me "You are not logged into steam", and doesn't even give me a Paypal option.

I have already spoken to the support in the Toribash Discord, and I have also checked that, I am, indeed, logged into Steam. I am launching the game from Steam. I have connected my Steam account to my Toribash account, and I am logged into my site account on Toribash. I have already replaced the torishop2 file with the patched one, and I am still having issues.
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Hi, are you showing as Invisible on Steam? Steam says you haven't been online for 38 hours for me -- might be worth trying to show as Online.