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Ok, we don't always have wifi nor do we always have the time to wait in line to play a good game of toribash, can't we just have a nice CPU that will actually react to your moves and counter and such?

It would only have to function in a few basic mods, ABD/aikido, boxshu/mushu, and maybe judo

I'd love toribash a whole lot more.

Maybe also a special level of the CPU that is extremely difficult and changes each time, maybe even starting with a point advantage where everytime you beat it you get 1k or something, but it would have to be really hard to beat
0tc per win against UKE on Easy level
10tc per win against UKE on medium level
100tc per win against UKE on Hard level
500tc per win against UKE on EXPERT level

QI req:
Easy: white belt until black belt.
Medium: 2nd dan until 5th dan
Hard: 5th dan until 10th dan
Expert: Master belt until Elite
(thanks for the qi req idea, rivaille)
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