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Thems was some fuckin A+ twirly dirlies spiced with some boomage, hnng
I gotta stress how gasmic those booms were. Imagine you're 90 and your caretaker presents a new type of diaper that not only soaks up your manly goodnes while it reads you the newspaper, but ALSO has a built in biday.

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hey there because u cnc'd me i cnc u

off deez

replay is overall pretty cool, i am a fan, but i do have a couple complaints

opener is opener challenge shit i know that. how you use the opener is pretty nice (they opener was pretty weird to continue i remember)

not gonna lie the thigh bruise was a tad bothersome since it could've been pretty easily avoided just by adjusting your launch

first hit is ok except its not symmetrical and im a big fan of symmetrical hits, more of a personal gripe than anything

didnt like that your ankle was in a contracted position after the hit until after you're no longer making contact with uke - felt like a missed opportunity for some cooler launch thing, but it sorta wizzes past in real time so i dont really mind

at 300 it looked like you really struggled with figuring out what to do but you picked a pretty okay decision and it was cool

hit on ukes hand could've been more impactful maybe

not gonna lie, im really really not a fan of extensive amounts of grab switches. theres like 4 or 5 in this replay which is a lot considering it takes place in like, 150 frames?? it's also worth mentioning that you let go after uke has lost his momentium when you yoink him in that direction (if this makes sense) so he sort of jutters around in midair while you grab around him which is weird looking. your movement throughout this part is arguably very good though *oh yeah its also worth saying that especially the second grab was bad, the first one gave you and uke a very good spin and the second grab totally ruined the spin and forced you to jump, watch out for that

first kick sucked. how are you gonna grab around uke a million times and get 3 dms? i can see a 4-5 potential and you would've still been able to do the head thing after if you got lucky

head part is admittedly cool, but im sure you also realized your movement to do it was atrocious so you hacked the replay to full self dm to hide it lol

replay was overall pretty good. i know i've been super highly critical but they're mostly nitpicks. please keep making replays
The opener was amazing but that aside the manip is cool, I didn't mind the grabs and I thought the first kick was fine, it seems to mostly set up the manip. The head throw at the end is really sweet but the self dm ending ruins it a little for me. I know the majority of people think it's stupid but I think 90% of the time avoiding poses is lazy, mostly because everyone seems to do something easier that also doesn't look much better to me.
oh yeah